We went to the Morris Arboretum today to see the holiday electric train display, and that was pretty cool, but my favorite feature by far was The Treehouse. Thanks to a very cool boardwalk on stilts, visitors get to experience canopy life like a bird or squirrel might! (Sorry, Mom. I’m not actually telling the world I’m “on the nest,” I was just pretending to be a robin.) Seriously, it was worth the price of admission to see what the forest floor looks like 50 feet below your feet (well, with netting in between), hear what the sounds of the world might be like for squirrels (thanks to adjustable ear trumpets), and of course to try my hand at incubating eggs in a gigantic nest.

By the way, I must be a pretty good robin, because as you can see, one of my eggs was hatching even though it was 32 DEGREES OUT. Ryan was wicked impressed.