Check Me For Ticks

Since my fiance became my “former,” flying solo has slowly become comfortable for me when all is well. When things get uncomfortable, I appreciate (even more) the value of a partner. Two instances in the last 24 hours:

1. Yesterday I had some kind of stomach bug. I get a little melodramatic when ill with anything more intense than the sniffles. (Is this the curse of being blessed with good health? If so, I’ll take it.) So while I alternated between fever and chills, and paid homage to the porcelain god, I worried I might die and nobody would know until my friends return from their vacation. Can you imagine returning from a relaxing week and finding a body? Also, I felt very sorry for myself because there was nobody to buy and ply me with Pedialyte. See? Melodramatic.

2. I felt much better today and spent the day outdoors. Forgetting I’m in New Jersey, I lay on the grass and read for a while. Arising, I noticed a plethora of little specks on my shirt. Upon closer inspection I found they had legs. Deer ticks! I promptly stripped, shook out my clothes, and inspected my skin. So far so good, but everything feels crawly now. When Pebbles gets home I’m sure she’ll be happy to do a tick check (just like on the AT!) but I recognize that having a designated tick checker on-call is another benefit of being partnered.

Those aren’t the only reasons I appreciated my partnership with T, nor are they foremost considerations in my desire to one day engage in a life partnership. However, they’re at the front of my mind today!